Sunday, September 22, 2013

it is what it is

meeting 2 of my friends that already resume studies in Master.
dinner with another two that landed theirselves in KL's prestigious firms.
chatting with a friend.Just got herself into TR Hmzah & Yeang.

What more than any of these,to make me feels like a loser.
Being the pessimistic me,who overthink excessively,i havent send out my resumes.

I admit,sitting on the couch all day is not my thing,but to start working,to really,really committed to something,i wasnt sure i m ready..I have my brain preoccupied with all these 'what ifs'.What if i cant do this?what if i dont get my works done on time?what if they throw me out of the office?Too much of what ifs gives me painful headaches.

I've even try to consult with my super senior who already in UK for her studies(again,depressed.)
At the last of her sentences,she reminded me,
'Always think yourself as a learner,not a worker'
ahh.a slight of relief.
thanks kak shiela.

I need to remind myself of positivity.Accompany by His guide.I know I must trust Him for all things happen next.

It is what it is.Dear 22 self,You are no longer 13 years old who costantly yawn and cries.Not anymore.Come and get the money,honey!

Kata nak kaya.

Friday, September 20, 2013

positivity please.
 i reaally have to stop doing this.

'5. Seek Validation From Others'
Happy people do not look to others to confirm their self-worth. They recognize their value on their own and don’t live up to anyone’s expectations. They do things for themselves that they believe will advance them in life. By not concerning themselves with the opinions of others, they can focus on personal growth.

Monday, September 16, 2013

a dusty one

see who we bumped into at Nouman Ali Khan's talk.
this shall be a dusty post because as we knew his talk already ended nearly 2 weeks ago.LOL
Gosh I wish we have more speakers/educators/lecturers/thinkers like him in Malaysia.Not to say U.A.I's not good,but i prefer this man speech deliverance,which was beyond awesome and the subject he brought into the hallroom,Miracle of Quran,subhanallah,this reminds me of how maaany beautiful things i didnt realise while i was holding & simply read those ayat in the Quran blindly. :(
and found this,too.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


it's almost 2 weeks since i started to exercise.bear in mind people,exercise and workout are two different regimes to pull out(exercise's the mild one.less rough).it's funny how i actually can cycle around the neighbourhood for almost an hour.Then i would go for slow walking(as doctor advised me to do so since i have small feets,he said).All together makes up more than one hour.yup,to actually burn calories,you need more than one hour of exercising,then only your body starts to take things seriously.-,-

to my own suprise,i've turned from someone  who goes to supermarket,obliviously picking up things and straight up to cashier,into someone who literally checked what's actually inside of th orange juice on the back of the pack,before i actually gonna purchase it.aand i didnt took the smaller pack..i was surely in shocked knowing the actual amount of sugar they put in think how religiously i drank 1 litre of Peelfresh during my noob days when i started my diet routines(konon healthy),err im in regret isk isk isk.I actually drank orange flavoured-sugar drink instead of the innocent orange juice haih(we're easily melt with nice packaging,right) next time,never let 'nutritional facts' pass our eyes least they stickered something true about the product.

The amount of carbs we consumed is something we should watch for.Those who wants to shed/peel/burn their fats,never exceed 20 g of carbs PER DAY.HAHA.i still cheat on this one.Susah,okay.
Till then,blog!

Friday, August 30, 2013


these past few days had been really,really ermm 'incredibly satisfying'..?
let's just say,i began a fresh start,ladies and gents.
1st day
the first time i hiked the hill,i almost exhausted to deaathh.seriously.
an old man overpassed me and asked 'awak umur berapa..'
yeah go on asking me like that,uncle. -,-
this is my second attempt in million years i went for hiking and of course,i hyperventilated like cray cray. T_______T

2nd day
Almost died like the first day.Battle continues.

3rd day
Mild running.A few miles from home.Avoid friendly neighbours who offered a ride back home.

4th day
Badminton with sis,cycling around neighbourhood.

5th day
Yayy i cant believed i didnt take too much stops before we got to the top.muahaha.The stamina has gone better,insyaallah!heheh

Hmm i reaally hope i dont stop half way,man.i want some 'legit curves'.i want to be satisfied.i want a brand new me.Givin myself one year.One year of transformation.Perseverance & Patience are two words i must hold on to,.....from now on.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

running or hiking,ey?

p e r f e c t h i a t u s

havent been in here for quite some time.everywhere's dusty and rusty,no?well,hi blog.
i guess i've been drugged by laziness and current obsession on keeping myself in a quite room.
i already prepared a list of things-to-do and the number just keep growing and mann,i havent made an attempt for job interviews (my 'baju kerja' and the nice pair of leather loafers will have to stay in the wardrobe before i decide on making my portfolio,ngahaha).'nevertheless',my nearly adequate ample time is filled with some quite cool activities,i tell ya.
Lemon-aid Project | KanvasKosong | Hike-Hike-Hike | Akstrakt
i rather not mumble and talking like an empty can.
till we meet again,blog.